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East Bay Mobile Recording

Over 50 years of industry sound and engineering expertise!

Your focus should be on your performance! With a live audience, you feed off their excitement … creating more authenticity and a better experience. You simply cannot get this in a studio environment. Plus, we can sweeten the sound in post production for a finished product that will make you proud!

East Bay Mobile Recording | Live Recording

Live Recording

Let your focus be on your performance. Feed of the excitement and energy off the audience.
Relax, have fun and let our expertise bring it to life!

East Bay Mobile Recording | Post production sound

Post Production

We’ll capture your performance with up to 32 individual tracks so we can sweeten the sound in post production.
CD mastering also available as well as MP3/MP4 digital copies.

East Bay Mobile Recording | Video

Video Recording

Capture that performance on video with multi-camera television-style video recording.
Webcast/digital uploads available as well as still performance photographs.

Paul (P-Dub) Woycheshin

Paul (P-Dub) Woycheshin, senior engineer, has worked with the likes of The Beach Boys, Peter, Paul & Mary, Jose Feliciano, Tower of Power, Aaron Hopkin Singers, Alabama, Ratt, and Poison utilizing a wide range of styles requiring a variety of approaches and recording techniques. Paul’s brings his vast knowledge of different genres and approaches to staging, filming and recording both live and in the studio.

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